Professional Editing

Professional Editing
As a professional writer I will edit your work at an industry level.

I have written as a columnist and reporter for a newspaper as well as magazines and am able to do high quality editing (grammar, spelling and basic structure and flow) for $10/1,000 words.

For documents over 1,000 words, simply purchase the correct number of services/word count.

For example:
2,000 words = 2 services
3,000 words = 3 services

After editing your work I will provide useful comments and explanations.

If your document is longer than 10,000 words I charge flat rates. Purchase the following extras:

1. $115 Extra (LARGE DOCUMENTS) - for documents between 10K-24,999 words
2. $220 Extra (MONSTER DOCUMENTS) - for documents between 25K- 35K

For documents over 35K, please contact me and we can discuss a price as well as my availability and the time it will require. If we come to an agreement I can create a temporary personalized service for you on SEO Clerks.

For English as a second language speakers and/or those requiring major rewrites, you must purchase one (1) $10 extra (called MAJOR REWRITES) for each 1,000 words.
I provide high quality work and pride myself on my work. However, high quality work requires a higher time commitment. I will not take on complete re-writes for $10 and give them back to you shabbily done.
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