Do crazy rap flow lyrics for your project

Do crazy rap flow lyrics for your project
**All orders include Mixing + Mastering to ensure awesome sound quality!

I am a songwriter and performer and have been writing and recording for a while. Over the years I have written for people, businesses and occasions.


The purpose of my service was to give everyday people the opportunity to custom their own rap song, In the most memorable UNIQUE
and LOW-COST way.

The process is FAST &EASY. Simply share with me what you would like your song to be about. Then receive a 16 bar (written verse) about a subject for (mixtape, birthday, business, etc) HQ.

Once bought written verse you will hold the full rights to the lyrics as the credit will be removed from myself and credited to you (This applies to written lyrics not recorded). All lyrics that are bought by buyers are confidential and are not mentioned to anyone else.

so in a nutshell I am offering 16 bar verse $5 (written) If you want your song recorded with my verse check out the service extras for more information.
Buy this service in two easy steps Order Now $6

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